Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wendy House Wednesday

This is the first in a series of Wednesday household hints and tips. I'm going to try to follow them myself. The instructions are:
  • Don't over-think.
  • Spend no more than 15 minutes.
  • It doesn't have to be perfect.
Clean out your bread bin. Empty it. Give it a wipe and an airing. Re-wrap anything that needs it. Chuck anything that isn’t going to get eaten and dispose of empty wrappers. Check the freezer for bread that should be defrosted and used soon. Note anything you’ve run out of on the shopping list. Now go and feed the ducks.


  1. Our bread bin wasn't too badly off today as we'd finished all the bread yesterday (apart from a packet of the potato farls that Nick likes).

    I baked overnight in the bread machine, a large brioche loaf to use up some milk and eggs that were hanging around. It's delicious bread but it calls for rather a lot of sugar and butter -- it sizzles as you toast it. It goes hard quite quickly, too, but it makes excellent French toast so that's OK.

    Looking in the freezer, we're low on Nick's yeast-free bread and we've got none of what Ocado rather grandly calls 'Viennoiserie', pains au chocolat and croissants. I like to buy the part-baked kind and have them for weekend breakfasts. I should get some savoury scones in, too, as they are good for snacks.

    Once life is back to normal I want to bake all our bread, to teach Nick how to make soda bread and to do more hand baking with Alec.

  2. I love baking bread. Unfortunately, once I make the bread, I have to eat the bread. I have a hard time with moderation :s