Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wendy House Wednesday: a lot of lists.

I was thinking about the order things get done in this house. Sometimes I get it wrong -- unimportant things get done before important things; I spend far too much time on things that are not necessary and that I don't enjoy.

My activities fall into some general categories:

  • Children care (feeding, cuddling, playing, nappies, activities, planning)
  • House care (cooking, tidying, cleaning, shopping, washing)
  • Self care (washing, dressing, exercising, drinking water, resting
  • Husband care (hanging out, chatting, cuddling, oiling the wheels)
  • Writing work and self-development (blogs, courses, reflection, reading)
  • Garden care (weeding, pottering, watering, harvesting)
  • Play (reading, computer games, socialising on and off line, shopping)

This list roughly reflects the order of priority, and the order things get done. Self care comes high up the list because if I'm not well fed and rested and hydrated then I can't do anything else. Husband care comes high up as well as it's a way of making sure we stay connected -- we wrote our own wedding vows and specifically promised, among other things, to "cherish the bond of love between us".

In the past I've had a bit of fun with lists so I'm going to note down all the activities that fall under these categories. I want to examine what really needs to be done; and what I really enjoy (or don't enjoy).

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