Friday, 6 September 2013

Mushroom farm: mycelium

This rather inept photo (you can see why I write such a lot, can't you) shows the mycelium, the vegetative part of the oyster mushrooms. Mushrooms that we eat, the caps and stalks that we see above ground, are just the fruiting bodies of a fungus. The mycelium is what takes care of the real business of living, and probably a fungus would think of itself as mycelium with a few mushrooms on top, rather than mushrooms with a lot of mycelium underneath. It's made up of a lot of fluffy white threads but it's hard to differentiate them because -- my mushroom farm is rather squashed by the plastic bag (some of the other shots, the really good ones that got lost because I took them without putting the card back in the camera, had a rather Twin Peaksish look about them). The orange ticket is a sticky note to let our cleaning lady know that the mouldy book in a plastic bag is not rubbish.

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