Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Stitch watch: Mushroom

A few weeks ago at the drawing class I attend, we did mushrooms. I traced my sketch with a transfer pencil, ironed it on to a piece of cotton, and made this:

The brown marks are where the iron burnt the masking tape glue -- next time I'm using pins to hold it all together. The pink marks are the transfer pencil -- I gather they'll wash out, but I'm a bit wary of trying this... Better luck next time :-)

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Stitch watch: scissors case

This is a scissors case from Sue Hawkins' range. I've never done much canvas work before, and this little project was a very pleasant introduction. I love having something pretty that I know I'll use, too. I particularly liked the nubbly rhodes stitch (left side of the front of the case).

The colours glow much more in real life -- I'm not sure if the warmer picture shows this better than the cooler picture of the back of the case. The satin stitch (top of the back) feels lovely.

Stitch watch: Buttercup Lane

This is Buttercup Lane from Rowandean. It was great fun to do -- even all that straight stitch grass. I need to work on my stem stitch, though, as it looks a bit knotty, as you can see in the close-up below.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Things which are only pleasurable because of the unpleasantness which went before.

  • The burning tingling of cold fingers warming up.
  • Feeling better after throwing up.
  • Once back at home, thinking about eating a tangerine and drinking very cold water from a rinsed-out milk bottle while sitting on a stone behind a low wall, the only shelter from the wind on the top of a cloud-bound mountain.
  • Waking up with no headache after falling asleep while ill.
  • The engineer has visited, and now it works.
  • Coming into a cool, dark building on a day when the light and heat burn my head.
  • A stuffy warm office after a walk on a morning when a knife-sharp wind is blowing.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Twenty Things That Stimulate Creativity

  1. A vegetable box
  2. A walk
  3. Something that needs repair
  4. A list
  5. A new stitch
  6. Planning an outfit I've never worn before
  7. Having a clear out
  8. Writing in my notebook
  9. An art class
  10. Listening to a radio play
  11. Walking round a market
  12. Following a how-to of a craft I've never tried
  13. Doing a writing exercise
  14. Art galleries and museums
  15. Reading a few art or craft blogs
  16. Sitting and thinking
  17. Reading or looking at a source book
  18. Setting a goal
  19. Thinking about a problem
  20. Trying a new recipe