Thursday, 10 October 2013

Wendy House Wednesday: I see dead people

I set a timer for 15 minutes and went through the contacts book on my email client. I deleted:

  • several people who have died -- it was good to recall them for a moment particularly one writing mentor who passed on very recently
  • people related to jobs I no longer do -- I suspect in most cases the contact details relate to jobs they no longer do either
  • one person who I hope never to come across _ever_ again
  • people from clubs, classes and societies that I am no longer part of
  • travelling friends that I never kept up with.
I felt strange about clearing out the work-related addresses because it reminded me that I've been out of the world for a while now. Most of my mummy-networking is done by face-to-face or by text message so there aren't many parenting contacts in there. I should find a way of merging my phone and email contacts; and I should back them all up, too.

It also made me think about the easy come, easy go nature of a lot of my friendships. There are people that I got on really well with who I never communicate with any more; and people who I had less in common with but who pop up often on my Facebook or Twitter streams. Nick is a lot better at shepherding his friends in the real world than I am. I need face-to-face contact but I find it exhausting so I tend to avoid organising it unless I'm given a good hard shove. 

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