Thursday, 24 July 2008

Ways for Clare to make work bearable

  1. Adjust your mode of transport -- if it's fine, walk in. If it's not, get the train. Check for train problems before you leave. Wear comfortable shoes for gettig to work. Empty your handbag regularly so you are not carrying un-necessary weight. Keep an umbrella and a waterproof at work.
  2. If you're running late, don't worry -- phone in and apologise. It's not going to get you there any earlier.
  3. Choose five outfits for the week -- most of my clothes can be edited up or down depending on the weather. Keep a pair of black shoes, and a pair of brown shoes at the office.
  4. Have five photographs on your desk, and change them each week.
  5. Buy sandwiches from the van, and have snacks available (unless there's something particularly nice to bring in).
  6. Keep handcream and a nailfile and a lip salve on your desk -- those are things you like to have by you, and there's no shame in that.
  7. Keep a needlework to do at lunchtime.
  8. Work out how much spending money you have and enjoy it. Take a look at how long you must work for certain things.
  9. Be positive.
  10. They have a library downstairs, so there will always be something to read at lunchtime.
  11. Have something to do that is not obviously not work for those times when there is no work to do.

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