Sunday, 27 July 2008


This is my first go at sashiko embroidery -- it's a beginner level sampler that I picked up at the stitch fair at Ally Pally last autumn. I think I might sew this panel on to my black cotton shopping bag.

It comes from Euro Japan Links. They offer more advanced samplers, and I'd like to try them out. As you can see, this effort was a bit wonky, but I'm sure I'll improve with time.
I'd like to try this sort of sewing on some denim -- I've got a pair of jeans with a busted crotch; and if the tailor at Manuela's Retoucherie says 'No', I'm going to cut the legs up and make me some panels.


  1. That looks beautiful, I'm impressed. Is there no end to your talents??

  2. Wonky or not I really love it! I think it's a lot like learning Fair Isle knitting where tension is everything. My book said to leave extra yarn beneath the fabric when you turn a corner to prevent puckering and the same the applies to the knitting, it has to be a wee bit loose.