Thursday, 8 January 2015

A Toddler's House Rules

  1. If it's shut, open it.
  2. If it's open, slam it.
  3. If it's on a shelf, push it off.
  4. If it's full, empty it.
  5. If it's on the floor, put it in a shoe.
  6. If it fits in your mouth, bite it.
  7. If it doesn't fit in your mouth, lick it.
  8. If it's paper, tear it.
  9. If it's hanging, pull it down.
  10. If it's at the top of the stairs, throw it down.
  11. If it's at the bottom of the stairs, carry it up.
  12. If it's not yours, run away with it.
  13. If anyone tries to stop you, scream.


  1. Oh so accurate. So sorry to hear the final curtain has been drawn on 3BT. I has will really miss hearing of the exploits of those two rascals of yours. Good luck, health and happiness to you all. I'll continue to keep an eye on their growth through this site. I'm hoping you won't be able to stop yourself from sharing those important milestones in their lives. You must feel very humbled with how 3BT became a world wide phenomenon. 365project where I post daily has lots of members who add 3BT ( or at least a personalized version) to there narratives. I often wonder if they know the creator.

    1. Thanks Hobos! I feel very strange about the whole thing. I'm not really sure who I am any more. I'm sure it'll wear off soon, though, and I'll find something else to occupy me and someone else to be. I didn't know there was a 3BT community on 365project -- that's very cool, thanks for letting me know. It's just as likely that they came up with the idea independently, though!

  2. i do all of these things and i'm not a toddler.
    go figure...