Thursday, 8 January 2015

A Toddler's House Rules: Translated

  1. Open!
  2. Thiut!
  3. Down!
  4. Whee! All gone!
  5. Where'd it gone?
  6. Nang.
  7. Yuck!
  8. Teared it!
  9. All fall down!
  10. Wheeeeeee!
  11. Bup! Bup! Bup!
  12. MINE!
  13. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


  1. Hello Clare, I just wanted to thank you so much for 3BT - I have read it daily for years, and it will be very much missed. But I totally understand that with two small children, it was in danger of becoming just another item on the To Do list. Blessings to you and the family. Love, Sue xx

  2. Everything Sue said, but nice to know you may still be found in Blogland!

    Hugs, love and best wishes.

  3. Hi Clare - so nice to *see* you over at 101birdtales. It sounds like you are in the thick of toddler-dom oh my, a very busy and crazy place I know! I hope all is well with you and glad to hear you've managed to do some creative projects here and there. Really hope we get to see some of it over on one of the #creativetuesday days. I know it's hard to keep things up when we juggle so much! Take care :) Amelia.x

  4. PS. I'm now following you on twitter with my 'new' birdtales account :)