Thursday, 19 June 2008

Things I have achieved in the last 12 months
  1. Tried book crossing
  2. Got into the daily prompt-writing habit
  3. Sold an article
  4. Finding a part-time job
  5. Once around the park
  6. Learning to use InDesign
  7. Not losing my boyfriend
  8. Played some sessions of RPG games
  9. Quit my job and observed that the ceiling did not fall down
  10. Got a response from the BBC Writers Room and learned to enjoy a positive rejection
  11. Started a 3BT Facebook group
  12. Wrote Once Around the Park for a while
  13. Got my daily reading under control using Google Reader
  14. Learned to trust my filing system
  15. Learned to use Duxbury and Brailler to produce documents in Braille
  16. Watched Ellie growing wiser every time I saw her
  17. Was brave enough to stand up and say what I wanted
  18. Discovered that if I'm going to write, I'm jolly well going to do it in my own voice
  19. Learned to enjoy watching television again
  20. Decided not to buy any more CDs or DVDs
  21. Decided not to fly any more
  22. Made drafts of two plays that I am really happy with.
  23. Took crits of my work on the chin
  24. Felt genuinely proud of my brother for getting an article in a national newspaper before me
  25. Aquired a soldering iron and used it to (finally) fix my hairslide
  26. Decided that in the grand scheme of things, the feelings of my friends are more important than those of strangers (ie, not to be ashamed of my friends in public

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