Monday, 30 June 2008

How to open the door to beautiful things

Section 1 -- connect with people
  1. Give things away through Freecycle
  2. Write to an author
  3. Write a thank you note
  4. Postcrossing
  5. Bookcrossing
  6. Help someone in trouble
  7. Say: 'YES!'
  8. Volunteer
Section 2 -- love the world
  1. Go for a walk with an open mind
  2. Look at the sky
  3. Clean or mend something
  4. Watch animals
Section 3 -- be mindful
  1. Stop and wonder why I'm doing what I'm doing
  2. Make time to walk without filling my head with its own sad thoughts.
Section 4 -- be free
  1. If you aren't happy, ask yourself why, and change something
  2. Don't always worry about what other people think

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