Wednesday, 5 March 2008

How to be mopey


1. Put-upon -- this can be achieved by having someone ask you to perform small tasks; and also by doing many tasks that they do not ask you to do.

2. Anxious -- ensure you are always waiting for a phone call, and believe that life cannot continue until this phone call comes.

3. Blocked -- something is preventing you from doing what you want to do; it could be lack of money; or it could be the phone call; or it could be your to-do list of small tasks.

4. Hungover -- or dehydrated. This is achieved by drinking too much, or too little.

5. Frustrated -- an erratic internet connection.


1. Go to bed later than you meant. Stay up doing something that you don't really want or need to do -- channel surfing, or playing Mine Sweeper.

2. Sleep in for at least an hour -- but feel guilty about it. Have local radio playing during your lie-in.

3. Instead of getting dressed, waste some time, either channel surfing again, or reading a book you don't enjoy but think you ought to read.

4. Eat something for breakfast that you don't like because either you are too lazy to go out and find something you do like; or because whatever it is needs finishing.

5. Turn the computer on and launch Mine Sweeper. Close Mine Sweeper. Launch Minesweeper.

6. Phone your mother.

7. Get dressed in clothes you dislike.

8. Start a project. Become bored with it.

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  1. ack! i'm being mopey right now. i'm going to go find something i like for breakfast....