Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Fifty things neighbours do that annoy each other

  1. Move boundaries
  2. Put up fences and hedges that cast shade
  3. Rev engines
  4. Park in the wrong place
  5. Allow their garden to run to weeds
  6. Having noisy children
  7. Play loud music in their garden
  8. Play musical intruments outside
  9. Work with a car stereo playing
  10. Let their dog bark all night
  11. Sit on their porch and just... watch
  12. Allow their children to run free
  13. Leave footballs and bikes out on the drive
  14. Form cliques
  15. Argue loudly
  16. Have thin walls
  17. Do building work without discussing with neighbours
  18. Let their car alarms go off
  19. Build an aviary next to the fence
  20. Steal fruit from your garden -- not just the stuff that drops on their side of the fence
  21. Not look after parcels
  22. Pilfer mail and newspapers
  23. Drive over planters
  24. Cause a flood by leaving the hose on or by water gardening badly
  25. Light lots of stinky bonfires
  26. Have noisy sex
  27. Have parties and not invite you
  28. When you complain, turn the TV right up
  29. Talk about you behind your back, rather than coming out and saying what you're doing to upset them
  30. Complain about you
  31. Have a noxious compost heap
  32. Smash milk bottles
  33. Instead of asking you not to park in a particular place, put a barrier up or vandalise your car
  34. Borrow things and not return them
  35. Angle their outside light so it shines through your windows
  36. Send anonymous notes to complain about things
  37. Ignore planning permission rules
  38. Allow their children to scream all the time, and yell at them
  39. Refuse to bell their cat so it frightens off your wild birds
  40. Spy on you
  41. Zap your TV with a universal zapper
  42. Shoot your porch light with an air rifle
  43. Dump junk mail through your letter box
  44. Kick your bins over so the bin men won't collect them
  45. Refuse to pay for shared maintenance -- cess pits, shared paths and so on
  46. Pile old recycling up on the kerb and then do nothing about it
  47. Drive across the corner of your front lawn
  48. Sweep up leaves that blow out of your garden and dump them in your porch
  49. Refuse to look after dangerous trees in their garden that overhang your property
  50. Run a brothal or a crackhouse

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I hate it when my neighbors run a brothel! So annoying.