Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wendy House Wednesday: A list found in a notebook

Processing the camera gets done regularly because is important to me as I've heard too many sad stories about cameras containing irreplaceable images getting lost. Once the pictures are on the computer they are backed up and safe on the hard drive, in Dropbox and (eventually) on the external hard drive, too. The other motivator is that my mother loves to see pictures of the children!

Gretchen Rubin gave some splendid advice in Happier At Home about dealing with her backlog of photos -- she set herself to work at it for 15 minutes a day using a timer.

Processing my notebooks happens less often, mainly because I'm disorganised and have too many in too many different places. But here is something I found in a notebook.

It is titled '50 things', but I must have got interrupted halfway through.
  1. Indigo/cobalt blue
  2. Coast line
  3. Sailing ships
  4. Washing on the line
  5. Sleeping in the sun
  6. Leafless branches
  7. Running water
  8. Big blousy flowers carelessly arranged
  9. Wafer biscuits
  10. Seeds inside a fruit
  11. Vintage packaging
  12. Art deco swimming pools
  13. Frida Kahlo
  14. Willow pattern
  15. Mountains next to the sea
  16. Log cabins
  17. Embroidered images
  18. Radish flowers
  19. Shells
  20. 1940s bathing costumes
  21. Iron beds
  22. Dresses with big skirts and nipped in waists
  23. Chinese lanterns

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  1. These are great. I visualised them all. I realised that a number of them could be seen on one of my favourite pages on Facebook. I don't know if you are on it - I only follow nice things or things I am really interested in. The page I'm referring to is "Christian around Britain"' Christian is an ex soldier who ended up homeless and in the depths of depression and decided to do something about it by walking round the whole of the coastline of Britain, fundraising for Help for Heroes, raising the plight of the homeless and sleeping in sheds, garages and his tent as he goes His photos and stories of people's kindness are amazing and he's turned his life around and affected an awful lot of people too.
    here is the link to the website -
    Happy New Year to you all, Lots of love, Alison