Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Stitch watch: Mushroom

A few weeks ago at the drawing class I attend, we did mushrooms. I traced my sketch with a transfer pencil, ironed it on to a piece of cotton, and made this:

The brown marks are where the iron burnt the masking tape glue -- next time I'm using pins to hold it all together. The pink marks are the transfer pencil -- I gather they'll wash out, but I'm a bit wary of trying this... Better luck next time :-)


  1. Oooo lovely.

    Firstly, I like the drawing. Those classes are really paying off. The drawing instruction book I'm trying to learn from emphasises how you see is a large part of it - and you've really SEEN that mushroom.

    And you've translated it well into the tapestry. Its so tactile, and I like your unexpected choice of colours.

  2. Thank you! I'm quite proud of that drawing, too.

    The colours are unexpected but they reminded me of school ink colours. And also, I had a number of bobbins with short scraps of blue thread left over from other projects. They were saying: 'use us, use us.'