Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Stitch watch -- Pincushion

Here's a little pin cushion from a Vari-Galore kit that I finished tonight. I am very proud of it and so pleased to own something so beautiful. Katie keeps looking at it enviously.

I thoroughly enjoyed making it -- the instructions leave enough freedom to make it good fun, and the hand-dyed threads are gorgeous.

I picked up the kit at a show at Ally Pally last Autumn. I've been checking the Vari-Galore catalogue and wondering what I should order next. I'd quite like to try some turkeywork... and also ribbon embroidery. And more stump work.


  1. Absolutely lovely!! Well done! Lorna

  2. Hi Clare

    Apologies I haven't visited your 3BT blog in yonks, but I did today and then found my way here. The pincushion is very pretty and I like the bold simplicity of the Sashiko project. If you have some spare time then come over and visit Stitchers Guild forum - lots of support and inspiration there.


  3. This is really beautiful. Thanks for posting pictures!